Gasthof Feichter Gasthof Feichter - Gastlichkeit mit Herz und Tradition

>Gastlichkeit mit Herz und Tradition






Mixed salad small € 4,20
Mixed salad big € 5,90
Feichter’s house salad € 11,80

small specialities

Beef carpaccio € 10,80
marinated with soya and peanut oil
Feichter’s fitness platter € 11,50


Consommé € 3,30
with sliced pancake or fried batter drops
Consommé with home-made meat strudel € 3,80
Consommé with semolina dumplings € 3,90


Gourmet platter € 14,30
3selection of grilled pork, beef and chicken served on French fries,
fresh vegetables and home-made dips
Fillet of beef 200 g € 24,90
served with roasted potatoes and garlic butter,
fresh vegetables
Gourmet steak € 12,30
pork au gratin with ham, cheese and tomatoes
served with crispy potatoes
vegetables of the season
Deep-fried escalope of pork € 9,40
served with French fries
Deep fried escalope of pork stuffed with cheese and ham € 11,50
served with French fries
Carinthian “Kasnudel” € 9,50
noodles filled with a mixture of potatoes curd cheese
and fresh herbs served with
hot butter
and green salad


Grilled fish variation € 15,90
served with garlic butter, potatoes and vegetables of the season
Grilled pike perch € 14,50
mit with parsley potatoes and garlic butter, vegetables
und Knoblauchbutter
Grilled prawns € 15,90
8 pieces of Black Tiger prawns, served with toasted bread and dip


Pancake € 6,20
home-made pancake filled with vanilla ice cream,served with hot chocolate sauce,
hazelnuts and whipped cream
Parfait of the day € 5,60
Apple strudel with whipped cream € 3,70
Curd strudel with whipped cream € 4,10
House cake € 3,90
chocolate cake stuffed with whipped cream and cranberries
Granny’s apple noodle € 5,30
served with delicious honey butter, lemon ice cream flavoured with Carinthian mint
Pancake filled with apricot jam € 2,50